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Doctor's Visit

How it Works

Direct Primary Care for everyone

Direct Primary Care  is an innovative primary care delivery model, where the patient is charged a flat, low monthly fee for a wide array of convenient and quality medical services.

Direct Care practices offer patients the full range of comprehensive primary services. These services include preventive care, regular care, routine checkups, and specialist care coordination for a flat, low retainer fee that is billed to patients as a monthly membership fee.

Number one reason for bankruptcy in the U.S. is medical bills. Two-thirds of people estimated 530,000 families each year, who file for bankruptcy cite medical issues as a key contributor to their financial downfall.



About 50% of U.S. Insured and Uninsured Adults Worried About Their Ability to Pay Medical Bills

Source: Kaiser Family Foundation

The Problems with the Current Healthcare System

  • The traditional fee-for-service model focuses on the service volume, instead of the quality of care

  • Increasing health care costs – premiums, deductibles, copays and prescriptions

  • Less focus on preventive care with little incentives to keep people healthy

  • Barriers to get the right care at the right time for optimal health outcomes

An affordable and transparent option that works!

Medical Consultation

The days of healthcare you can't afford are over. Sarcena Care is the healthcare option you need when you need it. We provide you with healthcare that's affordable and transparent from a provider who is caring and experienced.

Girl at the Pediatrician

No Hidden Fees!
Upfront and transparent 


No Co-pays.
No Deductibles.
No Co-insurance.

Your membership plan includes top tier healthcare benefits you'll enjoy

Unlimited Doctors Visits

All Sarcena Care memberships come with unlimited doctor visits, so you can get the care you need, when you need it.

Annual Exam

Our membership plans include an annual comprehensive physical exam and baseline screening with labs.

Dedicated Doctor

No switching doctors. You will meet with your personal, dedicated doctor each visit.

Same Day Appointments

Same Day/Next day appointments avaialble.

Quick & Easy Appointments

Our appointments are quick and easy to schedule.

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